The Hopi tribe lives in some of the oldest continually inhabited villages in the United States, on three mesas in Northern Arizona. Techqua Ikachi! is the creed of the Hopi Traditionalists: “blending with the land and celebrating life.” The Hopi are intimately connected to the land they live on, as well as to their ancestors’ sacred mountains, rivers, canyons, and ceremonial sites, which weave throughout the American Southwest. The Hopis’ ancestors aligned the walls of structures with the axis of the rising sun on an equinox, and etched petroglyphs that the sunlight bisects only on solstices. At a time when lands sacred to the Hopi (sites like Chaco Canyon, which has been likened to Egypt’s pyramids, the Grand Canyon, and many others) are being threatened by government negligence and big oil, my photography seeks to highlight what we are at risk of losing. The first Light of the Hopi photographs submitted to gallery shows were accepted at the Sangre de Cristo Museum in Pueblo, Colorado and Edition One Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I am sharing 50% of profits from photography sales with the subjects of my photographs. We are offering the photographs as 12x18 and 20x30 archival digital prints. To inquire about purchasing prints, please email: