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Erika Rand's photography focuses on landscape and the human condition. She is currently working on a photography project with the Hopi tribe of Northern Arizona.

Rand's clients include the Costa Rican Ministry of Peace, Elie Wiesel, Women's Media Center, John Trudell, Chaksampa Tibetan Opera, Broadway's Avenue Q, and Slava’s SnowShow.

Artist Statement: Every moment of life is a gift, infnitely rich but easily overlooked when we are overwhelmed, distracted, focused on the future or the past. When I make a photograph, time slows down, allowing me to take in the washes of light, precious expressions on peoples’ faces, and exquisite details that always surround us. My work attempts to impart this meditative perspective, and the gratitude I feel in those moments. Thematically, my work examines the struggles, quests, and extraordinary potential of humanity. In portraiture, I love capturing what I think of as “life-giving” gestures and gazes that often embody curiosity, awe, courage, serenity, and gratitude. My landscapes and images of the natural world typically avoid human-made objects in order to share simple moments of profound beauty, as I believe that a natural function of the universe is to make beautiful that which we must protect.