For the Light of the Hopi photography series, Erika Rand is photographing Hopi dancers, artists, youth and elders. The photographs will be sold online, at special events, and through galleries. 50% of the profits from photography sales will go to the groups or individuals photographed.

The Hopi live in some of the oldest villages in the United States, and their culture is respected worldwide for its peaceful ways, methods of sustainable living, medicinal remedies, exquisite arts, and timeless wisdom. Many people in the Hopi community who are doing the work of maintaining and passing down their culture and traditions are working with very limited time and resources. With more support, they could devote much more of their life energy to what they care about the most: preserving their cultural knowledge and traditions, and passing them on to future generations. Light of the Hopi will help support organizations and individuals doing this work.

One of the most basic principles of cultural heritage and preservation is that the more people understand a culture, the more they will help preserve it. In addition to directly supporting Hopi organizations and individuals through photography sales, Light of the Hopi will also serve as an educational tool. Hopi music, dance, and writing will accompany photography shows and presentations. Ultimately, a book will be produced that weaves together the project’s photography and writing.

The project is deeply collaborative in nature. Erika Rand and members of the Hopi community are working together to envision and develop the project’s content. Erika’s background in anthropology, two decades of work with non-profits, and experience as a documentary filmmaker inspire her to work as intimately as possible with the people she is photographing.

The first two photographs submitted to gallery shows have been accepted into the Sangre de Cristo Museum in Pueblo, Colorado and Edition One Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The Light of the Hopi project is looking to connect with like minded people who can help deliver the most powerful offering. If you feel excited about the potential of the project and have time, ideas, advice, resources to offer, or have any questions, please get in touch by reaching out to Erika at or 347 256 4486. We are excited to get to know you!