Stills from  Pigeon Spirit

Stills from Pigeon Spirit

Pigeon Spirit was my first 16mm film, made when I was a student at the New York Film Academy. It received a ’Best Cinematography’ award from panel judges including Oscar nominated directors Albert Maysles and Ellen Kuras.

Written and Directed by: Erika Rand / Actors: Chantal Bushelle, Ramon Rodriguez / Dancers: Judith Sanchez, Jai Catalano, Candy Mena / Director of Photography: Erika Rand / Camera Operators: Koen de Jongh, Jonathan Cramer, Erika Rand / Assistant Camera: Gavin Todd-James / Gaffers: Katie Dainson, Jorge Fried Budnik / Captions: Erika Rand, Daniel Miller / Cube Sculpture: Jonathan Cramer / Music: Tito Puente, Jimmy Bosch, Michael Stearns, Chucho Valdez, JAQ

 Images from Pangea Day

Images from Pangea Day

I was a film curator for Pangea Day, an international day of film, led by Oscar nominated TED prize winner Jehane Noujaim. Broadcast live in Cairo, Kigali, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, and Rio de Janeiro, it was seen by over 60 million people in 156 countries in seven languages, via the Internet, television, and mobile phones.

 Stills from climate change animation

Stills from climate change animation

The Alliance for Climate Education asked Free Range Studios to create films on climate change as part of an educational program for U.S. high schools. I directed and art directed this animated short. It has now been screened for more than 2 million high school students. This version is the director’s cut.

Director: Erika Rand / Producer: Erica Priggen / Executive Producer: The Alliance for Climate Education / Scriptwriters: Jonah Sachs, Dimitri Ehrlich, Lea Endres / Lead Animator: Ruben de Luna / Anime Animator: Haik Hoisington / 3D Globe Animator: Anderson / Typography Animator: Erika Rand / Editors: Doug Werby, Erika Rand / Art Direction: Erika Rand /  Graphic Design: Patrick Walker, Erika Rand / Media Curators: Molly Tsongas, Adam Badgley, Cohen / Music: Philip Glass, Jesse Murphy, Dimitri Ehrlich, Jboogie, Jennifer Johns / Music Supervisors: Erika Rand, Jessica Tully


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As a director, producer, cinematographer, and art director, I've worked on feature documentaries, art films, animations, and music videos. My first 16mm short received a cinematography award from judges including Oscar nominated directors Albert Maysles and Ellen Kuras. I served as a film curator for Pangea Day, an international day of film created by Oscar nominated director Jehane Noujaim and, broadcast live on more than 60 million screens around the world. My work as a director and art director for animated shorts about climate change has been seen by more than 2 million US high school students.

My film and video clients include Participant Productions, Free Range Studios, Alliance for Climate Education, Video the Vote, Bassnectar, Grammy nominated rapper Fat Joe, and Grammy nominated Cuban band Tiempo Libre.